After a long year, we are finally in the festive season. People tend to travel all over the continent to enjoy themselves. Are you planning to visit Costa Rica? If so, consider hiring a vehicle. cheap car rental costa rica are available in all types, and will serve all your needs as you explore.

During this festive occasion, Costa Rica tends to be busy, as many people tend to spend their vacation at this place. Hiring a vehicle in Costa Rica can suit you well and your family, as you will explore many places at your own pace.

This article talks about the benefits of hiring a vehicle in Costa Rica this festive season.

1. Safe from Covid-19 contraction

The world is currently trying to fight against the most dangerous pandemic. It is during this season where people tend to travel a lot. Going on public transport might not be a brilliant idea as you may risk getting the virus.

In Costa Rica, so many car companies rent out their vehicles at affordable prices for example, Jumbo car company. You should visit one and rent a car of your choice. By doing this, you will be safeguarding your health.

2. It is pocket friendly

Many people have the mentality that hiring a car is expensive. This is not the case, as hiring a car in Costa Rica is cheap than taking the express shuttles from one place to the other. Cheap car rental Costa Rica tends to be the best option, especially during this festive season.

3. It is reliable and comfortable

Whenever you hire one, you will not be concerned with the cases of bus departure time. Having your own brings you the comfort of doing things as you wish. Waking up early to go after a bus will be a thing of the past to you.

You can travel and make stops whenever you want; you can spend enough time in the restaurants, visit the restroom as you wish, and enjoy the scenery. This will not happen if you board on public transport.

4. It is easy to drive yourself in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the roads here are pretty easygoing, plus you, the other road users, are well civilized. The traffic in this place is not insane as in other cities and countries. With this, you will not experience any trouble as you explore.

5. It is a quick mode to navigate places

Imagine a journey that you were supposed to take at least twenty minutes you end up taking even an hour. At some point, buses are cheap, but their cheapness comes with a price that you will have to pay for.

Despite them being cheap, they are too slow. Most of the time, they take unregular stops to allow more people to board in. if you have your car, you can reach your destination very fast as you will not have unnecessary stops.


If Costa Rica is your holiday destination, you should consider hiring a car once you are there. Hiring a car has the following privileges:
• Safe from Covid-19 contraction
• It is pocket friendly
• It is reliable and comfortable
• It is easy to drive yourself in Costa Rica
• It is a quick mode to navigate places

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