Costa Rica car is one of the most visited countries in South America. It is home to many incredible landmarks and trendy places worldwide. Either you get there via San Jose airport or the sea, you will need a reliable car rental agency that can lease any car of your choice. Choosing the Jumbo car Costa Rica agency remains your best choice if you want a memorable time in the country.

Why renting a car with a Jumbo car rental firm is recommended

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Latin America and is known as a safe place to go on vacation. That’s why many people tend to visit this place yearly to have a nice time. You can enjoy your stay even better when you use theJumbo Car Costa Ricarental agency because they help you move around easily.

The wildlife, parks, volcano spots, mountains, beaches and hiking destinations make Costa Rica a place to be one with nature. With the Jumbo car agency, it is simpler for tourists and visitors to enjoy their stay and go wherever they like.

Moreover, this is a rental firm which offers many car models which are great for all occasions. They have working websites, where you can book your car easily.

Adress : Río Segundo, Alajuela Province, Alajuela, 20109, Costa Rica

The benefit is using Jumbo Car Costa Rica rental agency

The jumbo car rental company offers its customers cost-effective rentals. If you are low on funds and want a reputable rental firm whose cars are affordable, then they are your best bet. Many customers go to them because of their budget-friendly rates, which makes them better than their close competitors.

Also, you are assured of getting transparent transactions when dealing with them. There are no hidden charges and what you get on their website is all you need to pay. It’s always sad when you discover that there are charges on your car hire that you aren’t aware of. However, with this rental company, it doesn’t happen.

Moreover, their website is mobile and PC friendly. This makes it better for those using smartphones to make a booking easily. Their website has a good Ui/UX design which makes accessing it easy. Their platform simple to operate, so you can navigate all you want.

Which car models do they offer their customers ?

Jumbo car Costa Rica rental agency offers their customers small and medium-size vehicles. If you need a small car that can move around the city, you can choose their sedans, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda models. You can book these cars for as low as $20 daily.

Also, if you are coming with a company, you can contact them for their minivans and vans which can contain up to 5–8 people. These vans and buses are great for excursions and triad trips across major cities like San Jose and Monteverde.

Additionally, if your destination is a rugged or unpaved route, they have 4X4 cars which can withstand bad roads and harsh weather conditions. You can lease a Land cruise, Murano or Suzuki rovers. This is a bit costly, but you will get a comfortable and durable car.

Jumbo car Costa Rica rental firm offers their customers in the country good services. This car hire service is the best in Costa Rica and provides tourists with incentives and easy car insurance.

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